Camilla & Rose


Artist Sarah Boddy's best friends Camilla & Rose are depicted in a series of hilarious everyday situations to which their female contemporaries can probably relate.

Greeting Card - Size 12.5cm x 17.5cm with red envelope

Blank inside for your own message.



CR10 -Gave up jogging

CR16 -Grow an old friend

CR22 - Share the ride

CR26 - Share the ride

CR27 - Toning tables

CR30 - Turn back the clock

CR45 - A good bra

CR46 - Got to have them

CR48 - Inner calm

CR50 - Shop often

CR74 - Wrinkles in her tights

CR76 - Hot flushes

CR84 - Escape

CR95 - Walking the dog

CR101 - Sun bathing days

CR106 - Stressed

CR107 - Fat thighs

CR120 - Champagne diet

CR125 - Chest pains

CR126 - Bored without me