Tottering-By-Gently Occasions


Annie Tempest, the creator of Tottering-By-Gently, is a bit of England. She has created a cast of characters from a certain set, but her observations are social rather than political. The Tottering characters are endearingly absent minded and tipsy, surrounded by labradors, horses, guns, Agas and endless bottles.


Greeting Cards - size 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm with claret envelope







TBG406 - Happy Anniversary

TBG409 - Happy Anniversary

TBG411 - Happy Retirement

TBG413 - Happy Retirement

TBG414 - Happy Anniversary

TBG415 - Happy Anniversary

TBG419 - 25th Anniversary

TBG420 - 30th Anniversary

TBG421 - 40th Anniversary

TBG417 - 50th Anniversary

TBG422 - Happy Anniversary

TBG434 - Happy Anniversary

TBG435 - Happy Anniversary