Annie Tempest, the creator of Tottering-By-Gently, is a bit of England. She has created a cast of characters from a certain set, but her observations are social rather than political. The Tottering characters are endearingly absent minded and tipsy, surrounded by labradors, horses, guns, Agas and endless bottles.


Greeting Cards - size 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm with claret envelope

Blank inside for your own message



TBG1 - You look divine

TBG2 - The older I get the more I like it

TBG3 - A tendency to lay down the law

TBG4 - I'm still freezing

TBG5 - Get me a large glass of wine

TBG6 - My personal trainer

TBG8 - Bottle Bank

TBG9 - Get a grip

TBG10 - I've just had a grandchild

TBG11 - Can we go for lunch now?

TBG12 - Champagne spoken here

TBG13 - Mars and Venus

TBG14 - The ability to see facts

TBG15 - Multi-tasking

TBG16 - The four ages of man

TBG18 - 5 minutes rest

TBG19 - Grandchildren

TBG20 - If a man says he'll do it

TBG22 - Remote control

TBG23 - Drop more wine

TBG24 - What's the point

TBG25 - Are you ready

TBG26 - Some things in life

TBG27 - Man - Woman

TBG28 - Fetch a ladder

TBG29 - Gin and tonic?

TBG30 - Garden centre

TBG34 - The dog can sleep on the bed

TBG35 - The dog can sleep between us

TBG38 - A quick kiss

TBG39 - Animal person

TBG41 - Another G & T

TBG42 - New operating system

TBG43 - Yoga

TBG44 - Right partner

TBG45 - Little Drop

TBG46 - Stop arguing

TBG47 - Inner Peace

TBG48 - Wifi's down

TBG49 - Grandchildren asleep

TBG50 - Talking to the wine

TBG51 - Pimms Bar

TBG52 - Screw cap

TBG53 - Charity donation

TBG54 - Need a day