Spring Chicken



A collection of humorous greeting cards from artist Bev Williams, wickedly funny drawings and amusing captions on the vagaries of growing older, including dieting, drinking, family life, gardening, stress, technology and relationships.

Card size 12.5cm x 17.5cm with white envelope.

 Blank inside for your own message.





FR11 - Disappoint them

FR22 - Add wine

FR23 - Older, wiser...sexier

FR28 - I've forgotten the question

FR35 - improve with age

FR43 - I just want my address

FR45 - He's punishing his clubs

FR49 - The years have been kind to us

FR53 - One or the other

FR60 - Turn over and drop off

FR71 - Find me a child of five

M9 - Sod it all

M33 - I've sinned again

M49- Disillusion them

M58 - Lets not age

M69 - I'm a multi-tasker

M73 - Occasionally I add food

M84 - Never drink water

M108 - The years have been kind to us

M131 - Growing older is hard enough

M136 - You learn many things from golf

M143 - Didn't we tell you

M150 - Always travel first class

M166 - Middle Age

M167 - Older

M191 - Bridge

M194- Friendships

M197 - Getting Older


M202 - Left over Wine

M204 - Retirement