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Funny Birthday cards - hilarious selection of birthday greeting cards from a selection of talented artists. Camilla & Rose, Spring Chicken, Fothergill and more.Browse through our online store and choose from a charming range of funny greeting cards and novelty gifts for birthdays and occasions - hilarious takes on relationships, drinking, growing old disgracefully, dieting, shopping, friendships, sport and more!

Our Spring Chicken Cards and the Camilla & Rose Greeting Cards & Gifts collection, have been a great success and thanks to our special relationship with suppliers Peartree Heybridge, we're able to offer an ever growing selection of humorous greeting Cards and Gifts, including novelty cooking aprons, coasters for drinks, china mugs, magnetic notepads and more - all sent to you direct from the company warehouse.

Greeting cards from writer and broadcaster Pam Ayres
Our latest collection from writer and broadcaster
Pam Ayres
- include some of her best loved verses with charming illustrations by Chris Fothergill.

Bringing a bit of humour to your day!

Funny Birthday Cards

Hilarious birthday greeting cards from Camilla & Rose, Fothergills and Spring Chicken
30 - 90th Birthday Milestone greeting cards...hilarious collection of age related cards

30th - 90th Birthday Cards

Funny cartoon greeting cards for 30th - 90th birthday greetings.
Greeting cards from Camilla & Rose - Hilarious takes on drinking, shopping, chocolate, relationships and more.

Camilla & Rose Cards

Humorous greeting cards depicting the antics of best friends Camilla & Rose

Occasion Cards

Greeting cards for occasions - retirement, good luck, anniversary, thank you and more.......

Camilla & Rose Gifts

Humorous gifts from Camilla & Rose, Mini Books, Notebooks, Aprons and Coasters
NEW!!! Pam Ayres Greeting Card collection - A brand new selection of her best-loved verses illustrated by Chris Fothergill

Pam Ayres

Funny greeting cards featuring the best of Pam Ayre's witty poems.
Spring Chicken Greeting Cards - hilarious takes on growing old disgracefully!

Spring Chicken Cards

Wickedly funny greeting cards - for ladies & gents of a certain age!
Novelty drinks coasters - Hilarious takes on everyday situations and the vagaries of growing older!

Novelty Drinks Coasters

Novelty drinks coasters with fun cartoon drawings and hilarious captions from Spring Chicken, Camilla & Rose

Funny Cooking Aprons

Novelty cooking aprons on shopping, drinking, cooking and more, from Spring Chicken, Camilla & Rose
Fothergill occasion cards, birthday, thank you, happy retirement, family birthdays, congratulations and more!

Fothergill Occasions

 An amusing selection of greeting cards for all occasions by Chris Fothergill
Hilarious slightly risque greeting card collection - Over the Edge

Over The Edge

Fun cards depicting animals with a naughty side from 'Over the Edge'

Chocolate Mousse

Fun filled and delightfully illustrated greeting cards from Jacky Fleming....Chocolate Mousse.

Forgotten Musical Moments

Private Eye cartoonists, Wilbur Dawburn and Rik Edwards, feature iconic pop songs and singers.

Mollie & Snowball

Meet Mollie & Snowball by Ruth Baker & Jane Vowles. Animals say the funniest things!.......

Fun Greeting cards by Jackie Fleming

Jackie Fleming

Fun cards about the trials and tribulations of modern life from Jacky Fleming.
Animals and bird cards with humorous captions by Jane Wells

Jane Wells

A charming collection of greeting cards depicting the animal world by Jane Wells.

Greeting cards from Daily Mail Cartoonist Jonathan Pugh.

Jonathan Pugh

Hilarious greeting card collection from Daily Mail artist Jonathan Pugh.

Camilla & Rose Christmas Cards - 12 hilarious designs for the festive season!

Camilla & Rose Christmas Cards

Christmas card collection from Camilla & Rose. Hilarious takes on the festive season!

Fothergill Christmas Cards

Delightful Christmas Cards from Chris Fothergill

Cat Christmas Cards

Hilarious Christmas greeting cards for Cat Lovers
Jane Wells Christmas Cards. A humorous take on favourite Christmas Carols!

Jane Wells Christmas Cards

Jane Wells - gorgeous Christmas cards with animal themes
Humorous Christmas Greeting cards in Spring Chicken Designs

Spring Chicken Christmas Cards

Wickedly funny Christmas cards from Spring Chicken